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"For more than forty years it has been my privilege to keep company with warriors. In ABIDING DARKNESS, John Anderson has captured the reality of what battle is like—physically and spiritually. This fast-paced, enlightening book is a must-read in these uncertain times."
— OLIVER L. NORTH, Lt. Col., USMC (Ret.), New York Times bestselling author of Mission Compromised, Jericho Sanction, and The Assassins

"You can probably imagine how many scripts and books I've read in the process of being in more than sixty movies. ABIDING DARKNESS is the kind of writing and story that jumps out at me and screams for attention. John Anderson's talent rivals any I've ever seen; he is destined for the bestseller lists."
— STEPHEN BALDWIN, actor and author

ABIDING DARKNESS delves into spiritual warfare in a refreshing manner that took me beyond simple enjoyment of a novel and made me ponder and pray. Anderson' skilled pen tells a fantastic story that held me captive from beginning to end. All I can say after discovering this amazing author is, "Write faster, Mr. Anderson. I can't wait to read the next one."
— TRACEY BATEMAN, author of the Claire Everett series

"A classic and extremely powerful story about the struggle between good and evil. The characters . . . are sharply drawn."

"Well-written . . . an intriguing blend of the spiritual and the physical world."

"Chilling and memorable . . . Recommended to readers who enjoy a good tale of spiritual warfare."

The following was in The Library Review:

"Abiding Darkness may be John Aubrey Anderson's debut novel, but don't let that scare you off. The chilling story is similar to something best selling authors Frank Peretti or Ted Dekker might publish, true, but Anderson clearly, and thankfully, has his very own writing style that will set him apart as an equal peer to the Christian literary trendsetters.

"Great detail, intense scenes, and wonderful characters . . . a genuine page-turner. . . . carefully plotted . . . many unexpected and emotional twists . . . knows how to create suspense and invoke emotion . . . I look forward to the other books to come in his, "The Black and White Chronicles."
— 2006 (c) Phillip Tomasso III, In the Library Review

Alternative Worlds is a science fiction and fantasy book review site, written and published by accomplished reviewer Harriet Klausner. Of Abiding Darkness, she says . . .

"Readers who love the works of Frank Peretti will want to read ABIDING DARKNESS . . . the storyline is fast paced and exciting. The unseen supernatural angels and demons who work through humans add a mythical perspective to the plot. John Aubrey Anderson is a talented storyteller who has written a fine inspirational saga."

From The Greenwood Commonwealth (Mississippi)

". . . a classic and extremely powerful story about the struggle between good and evil. The characters . . . are sharply drawn by first-time author John Aubrey Anderson . . . can keep a reader turning pages long into the wee hours."

From Christian Book Previews.com:

". . . an intriguing blend of the spiritual and the physical world, as readers are taken behind the scenes to understand the reality of what is unseen."

"The story meanders like the Mississippi, introducing a large cast of characters. The emotions swirling around this era of racial discrimination propel the story forward with a bittersweet twist. . . . well written and highly descriptive scenes."
— Joyce Handzo, Christian Book Previews.com